How's My Kitty?
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ROSEY & RITTER, Entry for April 13-14, 2007
4/13  Ritter came out to greet me today, while Rosey remained under the couch for awhile. I gave him some treats and then went in to feed the birds. I'm really amazed what a mess the parrot makes of his water in one day!! Everybody started munching away as soon as I filled their feeders. Ritter followed me downstairs as I later went to check on their food. Kitties are eating and drinking well and litter box is normal.

4/14 Today both the kitties were stowed away under the couch and were not in the mood to come out which they normal did at your other place. I think their still getting used to the new place. The birds continue to do fine and the parrot enjoyed his peanuts. He's quite facinating to watch.  Rosey and Ritter and eaten most of their bowl of food, so made sure it was filled up again and gave them fresh water.
2007-04-15 14:53:05 GMT