How's My Kitty?
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MILLIE & MAY, Entry for April 13-14, 2007

4/13 The kitties were no where to be found when I first arrived, so I just went about preparing their meal hoping they'd wander out to see what was going on - which of course they eventually did.  I sat down on the floor and both inched toward me and were glad to get a few pets. They both followed me up the stairs when it was litter time and watched curiously from the stairs and landing.  One of the boxes seemed a bit too full of litter for it to work properly, so I thinned that out a bit.

4/14 Today I kind of changed up the "playroom" a bit - opening up the cardboard boxes and leaning them against the table so they'd stay open. I also moved their scratch boxes into the center of the room and the two of them quickly took their respective seats on each box. It was Really funny with the two of them sitting there staring at me and wondering what I'd do next. After that we had plenty of play time with the laser pointer and did a bit of vacuuming upstairs as litter was getting tracked into your bedroom. I propped the bedroom door open for them so they could get to their water in the bath. So we're doing just fine here so far.

2007-04-15 14:47:16 GMT