How's My Kitty?
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BARTHOLOMEW, Entry for April 12-14, 2007
4/12 Barty is still doing just great and super affectionate lately. He puts his little paws up around my shoulders and gives me hugs:)) Can't wait for his tuna of course everyday but I've cut his portion slightly to make it stretch till you get home. We played with his string and balls today and he got plenty of exercise. He doesn't seem terribly interested in munching on his kitty grass, but I'm watering it anyway. Steve will be looking after him for a couple days starting tomorrow and I'm sure they'll have a great time as Bart is always a "No worries" kitty:))

4/13 Bart was a lot of fun today he greeted me at the door.  Supervised my kitchen duties and meowed for his tuna.  We played a lot and he stretched out and or curled up in his box with the red towel in the sun in the living room both visits.  I laid down on the floor and wrapped my arms around his little box and we had a nice snuggle and listened to the animal planet on the TV.

4/14 Bart continues to do well.  He greeted me at the door both visits today.  He walked me to the kitchen whining all of the way for his tuna treat.  After I forked out some tuna for Bart to eat, I scurried around to do my chores.  After Bart finished eating he went into his little box with the red towel and waited for his play time.  Today was mostly a laser pointer play session.  Bart tore around the living room over the sofa around the coffee table and up to the walls following and trying to catch that little red bug.  After play time we had some quality time in my lap on the sofa.  He accepted some brushing and we snuggled for a while.  Then Bart went up on the sofa and laid at the back of my neck.  All in all it was another great day.
2007-04-15 14:21:44 GMT