How's My Kitty?
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JACKSTON, Entry for April 12-14, 2007
4/12 Jackson continues to be an outstanding playmate.  I try to vary the activity on the living room rug by dredging his mouse and balls through the cat nip and he enjoys the result but he really likes to chase the "bug" at the end of the cat dancer.  So, whatever he likes best, that's what we do.  Jackson has been remarkably relaxed throughout the entire experience of being alone and without his Mom.  He is always happy to see me but not overly stressed from being alone.  I realized through changes in the pile of mail, changes in the candy dish and rearrangement of his toys that he has a secret friend who brings him the mail earlier in the day.  I feel lucky that I have the opportunity to be a part of helping Jackson be relaxed and feel loved. He is a great little person.

4/13 Jackson is fine.  He threw up his food earlier in the day on the dining room floor, right after he ate judging by the look of it. He must have eaten more dry food shortly before I arrived because he threw up right after I came in the door.  I cleaned up the food and found the Hairball medication.  Just as I was about to give him his 1'' of medication there was a knock and a key in the lock.  It was your neighbor across the hall delivering the mail.  She gave Jackson a scratchie and Jackson licked about half of the Hairball stuff off of my finger the rest I put on his front paw, which he promptly licked off.  Jackson played normally on the living room rug and followed me to the kitchen and the back office to supervise my chores.  I can't say what may have precipitated the vomiting, I didn't notice a hairball.  He may have ate too much too fast out of boredom.  I also noticed a strong perfume/incense odor when I entered the building.  This sent was different from what was in the hall before.  I found it a bit overpowering. It was really intense in the vestibule on the main floor.  I figured that someone had refreshed the popouri in the bowl on the table in the hall.  The odor had carried up the stairs and drifted under the front door of your apartment and may have been disagreeable to Jackson.  Other than the food incident, Jackson was his normal fun loving affectionate self.

4/14  had my last visit with Jackson.  He is doing just fine.  No sign of vomiting today.  The insence/perfume aroma in the building hallway is not as strong today as it was yesterday.  Jackson is such a genuinely friendly kitty and I will miss him as a playmate.  He performed the usual inspections of my chores to the last.  After I collected the cat nip from the cupboard and headed for the living room, he raced down the hall before me and threw himself on the floor and rolled over on his back which was always the sign that he wanted to play.  I got the cat dancer out of my bag and drenched a few of his toys in the cat nip and we got down to a serious romp on the living room floor.
2007-04-15 14:15:10 GMT