How's My Kitty?
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LOBO & AZUKI AND CODY, Entry for April 9-11, 2007

4/9 - 4-10, LOBO & AZUKI, The kids did very well with our routine. They became much friendlier on Monday especially and let me pet them both! Yea! They also ran around after the little mouse, up and down the hall and into the livingroom.  Everyday they made quite a mess of the bathroom, but that's to be expected. Overall things went very well and see you guys next time!


4/9 Cody was her usual sweet self today. Gave her a few chicken treats as I've been doing everyday, which she adores. Fed her lunch with Cosequin, filled the feeder and then gave her lots of pets on the floor and played with the wand a bit. She's just a breeze to care for and I always love seeing her.


2007-04-12 17:42:54 GMT