How's My Kitty?
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JACKSON, Entry for April 9-11, 2007
4/9 Well, I had another great visit with Jackson.  He is certainly a big boy.  He likes to play and is truly appreciative of the company.  We watch a little TV and then lie on the living room rug together and play or I walk through the house dragging the cat dancer with a cat in tow.  He loves attacking the "bug" especially with a little cat nip sprinkled on as a condiment.

4/10 Jackson is doing great.  He is such a warm affectionate kitty.  We have great play sessions together.  He seems very relaxed when I enter the apartment. He went through the ritual of observing me doing my chores.  Then I got out the cat dancer for some vigorous bug chasing followed by a cat nip enhanced ball chasing experience.

4/11 Jackson is doing great.  He is a super sweet cat.  He greets me at the door and when I reach down to pet him, he pushes his head up into the palm of my hand and I scratch him on the face and chin.  He follows me through the house and then plops down on the living room rug in anticipation of his play time.  So of course I gather the toys together and the cat nip and plop down on the rug myself.  When I had to eventually leave today, he walked me to the door looking like he wanted more.  I knelt down at the door and gave him some scratchies and reminded him that I would be back soon and we would have more quality time playing and relaxing together.  
2007-04-12 17:26:21 GMT