How's My Kitty?
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BAXTER, Entry for April 9-11, 2007
4/9 Alas this was my last visit with Baxter.  It has been a treat over the last five days to be a small part of Baxter's day.  He is bright, inquisitive and unique in his demeanor.  He certainly made my last visit challenging.  The first thing that I noticed when I entered the door was that the plant on the consol in the entry hall was on the floor.  I collected the plant and the corresponding dirt, which was bone dry and easy to clean and sat the plant in the kitchen sink and ran water on the plant.  I left it in the sink to drain and later placed it back in the console.  In the process of doing my chores I got to the bathroom to discover that he had thrown up his dry food between last night and this morning.  Maybe he ate out of boredom too much food too fast.  There was two piles of perfectly formed stuck together collections of dry food for me to on the bathroom floor to greet me as I turned on the light.  He had never done that for me before.  I have noticed in the past that he can be an impulse eater.  When I would fill the bowls or interact with his food he would have the tendency to have to eat some of the newly offered food or water out of each dish that I touch even though the bowls still had food in them from the previous day.  I took this behavior as his cute way of testing whether I was doing my chores to his liking.  After the plant incident I was a little apprehensive about leaving the apartment for the last time.  I always leave things neat and tidy and was concerned that before his Mom came home he might launch the plant off the console or do something to make his Mom have to clean up after him.  Something that I work hard to prevent, so when Mom does return she has no work to do and can devote her time to spending some quality time with her best little boy.

2007-04-12 17:23:01 GMT