How's My Kitty?
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NATASHA, Entry for April 9-11, 2007
4/9 Natasha was especially vocal today, not so much for her wet food, butI think for affection. She lets me pet her now without any objection, purring away! She ate her wet food well too, just leaving a few crumbs. After bringing in the mail & paper, cleaning the litter box and refreshing her dry food and water, we spent some time in the den. Her tail is so funny the way it "shakes" and moves so quickly, back and forth, like it has a mind all its


4/10 Natasha was really excited to see me today, waiting patiently for her

wet food to be served. She downed it pretty quick, leaving a few bites for later. After bringing in the paper & mail, we spent most of the visit in the living room (great room) relaxing and getting some good petting time in. She has really come around, so friendly and purring away! Until tomorrow, Cheers!

4/11 Upon entering Natasha's home I saw no sight of her. As soon as I opened the refrigerator door to get her wet food, she came running in from the dining room, ready for dinner! While she cheerfully ate, I brought in the mail & paper, cleaned the litter box and refreshed her water bowl. She ate most of her wet food, leaving some for later. Tonight was my last visit with Natasha, so I spent some extra time with her, assuring her that mom & dad would be home soon. It was really a pleasure to take care of beautiful Natasha, so until next time, I bid farewell!
2007-04-12 17:19:02 GMT