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Simba and Schnurrbart (Visit) Entry for April 11, 2007
It was unfortunately my last visit with these two cuties today. I found both Simba and Schnurrbart in the living room today, patiently waiting for their daily visit. Schurrbart was meowing away, and loved being pet. Simba was very friendly, and immedietly found a spot on my lap as I pet Schurrbart. These guys are so great! I made sure to fill up the food and water, along with cleaning up all of the litter for the day. I tried again today to get the kitties to play with the wand, but it was definitely a day of relaxing for these two. I also made sure to use the brush, and of course Simba and Schnurrbart loved it! I hope you had a great trip!, and thanks for allowing me to spend time with these two - they are such fantastic cats!
2007-04-12 01:04:19 GMT