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Schnurrbart and Simba (Visit) Entry for April 9, 2007
Both kitties were happy to see me today, and trotted right up to me to say hello. Schnurrbart was incredibly talkative, and meowed away as I refilled the food dishes. Simba is more quiet, but just as loving as Schnurrbart. Schnurrbart did his usual laying on the table and I made sure to give him an extra brushing, which he meowed and meowed happily about. Simba patiently waited for his turn, but enjoyed his little brushing session as well. I tried to play with the wand, but the two seemed very uninterested and just wanted to be pet. I also made sure to clean out the litter, and everything is well in that department. I hope you are enjoying your trip! Cheers!
2007-04-10 04:43:54 GMT
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Simba didn't wanna play? He sounds depressed. They probably think I've left them for good. I'll be spending next week at home tho :) but travelling again after that. I'm looking forward to coming home to see them Thursday. Thanks for keeping them company.
2007-04-11 02:00:30 GMT