How's My Kitty?
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ROXANNE & RILEY, Entry for April 8, 2007
I made my easter visit to roxanne and Riley this afternoon.  On my way in I noticed a Canadian goose sitting on a nest right by the front door!! It wasn't too happy with me being so close by!The kitties were fine.  Waiting by the front door as usual.  Riley didn't seem to be hungry at all today.  He was rolling over on his back and seemed more interested iin tummy and armpit rubs than anything else.  I was happy to oblige of course!  Roxanne seemed hungry so she headed to the kitchen and chowed down.  I tried to tempt Riley to eat but he had no interest.  I left plenty of dry food so I am sure he will nibble when he is ready.  They both came to the door to see me out and I told them you guys will be home later tonight.  I am sure they will be happy to have you home !
2007-04-09 18:13:45 GMT