How's My Kitty?
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BARTHOLOMEW, AM & PM VISITS, Entry for April 8, 2007

SO great to see Barty again - or... "Slartybartfast"... as I call him, from one of my most favorite books. Both visits he was sleeping way up on the top of the walls and took his time coming down. I moved a couple things out of his way that were on top of the fridge because that's his favorite hopping down spot. In the morning I picked him up and we snuggled a bit. But when we sat down on the couch, there was a bit of sun shinning in and that's where he decided to stay - stretching all the way out on his back. It was really cute.  I gave him a bit of Tuna to butter him up both times which he pretty much devoured. So - so far so good!

2007-04-09 18:02:55 GMT