How's My Kitty?
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GIZMO & WRIGLEY, Entry for April 8, 2007
As I was unlocking the front door I could hear little kitty chirps coming from inside the apartment. Wrigley was very happy to see me, letting out  that it's time for lunch! Before doing anything I prepared their meals, then checked on the bettas. Snowflake was swimming around the tank, very energetically, but didn't eat too much. The other two looked good, nibbling at their food a bit. After I swept around the litter boxes and around their food areas, I spent some time brushing & petting both kitties. I noticed more fur than usual  coming off of Gizmo as I brushed him - he's shedding a bit for the coming summer season. Sadly, today was my last day with these two sweet kitties. They did great throughout the whole week! Cheers!
2007-04-09 17:49:51 GMT