How's My Kitty?
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NATASHA, Entry for April 8, 2007
As I entered the kitchen door, Natasha was waiting patiently for me, giving

me gentle little meows as if to tell me she is ready for her wet food! I immediately served her & while she happily ate I brought in the Sunday paper, cleaned the litter box, added more dry food and changed her water bowl. After lunch, she went into the den where I sat down next to her and she let me pet her! Not a lot, but definitely more than the previous visits.

I knew she would come around, slowly but surely, letting me get closer to

her. Later, I found her back in the kitchen, nibbling on some remnants of the wet food she hadn't finished yet. So, so far Natasha is doing terrific!
2007-04-09 17:46:48 GMT