How's My Kitty?
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Toodles (Visit) Entry for April 8, 2007
I had another wonderful visit with Toodles today! I found her napping in the dining room today, and she immedietly ran up to me, purring away and dancing around my ankles. She is so adorable! I made sure to fill up her food first, however she was more interested in being pet so I'm sure she will dig into her food later on. After filling up the food and water, I left her a few treats to snack on while I swept up around the litter. Instead of eating the treats, she immedietly jumped at the chance to attack the broom! We also played with the feather toy that was in the living room, and Toodles seemed like she was having a blast! Hope all is well for you!
2007-04-09 05:32:28 GMT