How's My Kitty?
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Toodles (Visit) Entry for April 7, 2007
Toodles was feistier then ever today! I would throw one of her toy balls and she would race across the room and tackle it! Then, she would come racing back to see me and leap right up beside me on the couch. She would also wait until it looked as if I was not paying attention to her, then sneak up along the bottom of the couch and pounce on my arm! What a crazy little kitty! We also played with the string today. I would drag it along the floor, and she would bat at it and prepare to attack. Toodles is so playful! I made sure to refill her food and change her litter as well, and afterwards I gave Toodles her treats for the day. She would eat one or two, but then became uninterested, so I left the rest beside her food dish for her to enjoy later. When I was sweeping up around the litter, Toodles would eye the broom and tried to swat at it with her paws. She is such a cute little helper! Cheers!
2007-04-07 17:49:47 GMT