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Simba and Schnurrbart (Visit) Entry for April 7, 2007
I had a great visit with Simba and Schnurrbart today! I could hear Schnurrbart's meows from the minute I was outside of the apartment door, and he came right out to say hello once I got in. Simba was peacefully taking a nap on the bed, so I decided to let the cutie sleep and went to greet Schnurrbart. He was happy to have company, and even more happy when I picked up the brushes and began to brush him! He purred and purred! Simba also awoke from his nap and came out for a hello, and he was very excited about being pet! I wanted to make sure each kitty was getting equal attention, so I used both brushes and brushed them at the same time. They loved it! These guys are such sweethearts! I also made sure to refill the food and check on the litter, and all is well here. Hope you are having a great trip!
2007-04-07 17:44:24 GMT
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Thanks for the update. I miss them and really hate all this traveling I'm having to do for work. It's just not fair to the cats. Anyway, I left the mail key on the table for you, just wanted to make sure you saw it. Thanks.
2007-04-08 18:30:46 GMT