How's My Kitty?
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BAXER, Entry for April 6, 2007
Baxter is doing great.  He continues to follow me around as I do my chores.  He is quite impatient for me to finish so that we can play.  He is a high energy cat and very much into people in this case me to help him disseminate some of the energy buildup he has accumulated from having to entertain himself during the earlier part of the day.  Today I turned on the TV and we played in the Living Room for quite some time.  He is interested in getting his wet food when I first get there, however he doesn't finish it all.  He does eat his dry food well when I am not around and judging by the change in position of his toys he entertains himself well.  He had demolished his little tent before I arrived today, however it is up and in position so that he can do it again tonight.  Baxter has an honest and open demeanor and I'm happy to be his playmate for a while each day.
2007-04-07 14:09:43 GMT