How's My Kitty?
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Nicholas (visit) Entry for April 6, 2007
It was unfortunately my last visit with Nicholas. He was such a great little kitty today, and met me right at the door to greet me. I made sure to feed him right away, and he dug right in for dinner. I made sure to check on the litter, and cleaned around it. I found a bit of an accident right beside the box, but it was cleaned up right away so everything should be well again. I also will contact you upon return regarding this issue, but it seems as if Nicholas is having some issues around his bottom. During the rest of our visit, we played with the wire and spent a great deal of time brushing, which Nicholas seemed to love! Hope you had a great trip, and thank you for allowing me to spend time with cute Nicholas.
2007-04-07 08:01:42 GMT