How's My Kitty?
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HALEY & MATSON, Entry for April 5, 2007
Haley and Matty stayed in the Living Room throughout my whole visit today.  They really love to play.  They sit up so cute in the room, watching everything that I do, waiting for me to come over and play again.  So I do, who can resist that look.  I think that they like to play with me a lot.  I clean the plates and put out fresh food first thing, but they are not interested in eating while I am there. The food is always gone when I get there the next day.  They probably think that eating is something to do when they are alone and have nothing else to do.  I can identify with that mindset myself.  I am so pleased to have gained Haley's trust.  I will certainly miss those two sensitive and sweet little people.  I know that you must miss them when you are away.

I was shocked when I got to your home today and observed the condition of your plant next to the TV in the Living room though.  It looked fine when I left the apartment yesterday.  Some of the leaf stems were bent where they laid over the edge of the pot.  I stood the stems up in hope that the water would travel to the leafs and the stems would get stronger.  I looked for some string to temporarily tie up the plant, but couldn't find any.  The odd thing is that the soil wasn't terribly dry. I'm thinking the kitties might have been playing in it....
2007-04-06 19:13:35 GMT