How's My Kitty?
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SNOWFLAKE & SPRINKLES, Entry for April 5, 2007
Snowflake and Sprinkles are doing just fine.  Sprinkles had a long session in my lap getting her kitty massage.  Snowflake ate well today and had a cat and mouse session with Sprinkles.  Snowflake hides out under the sofa and when Sprinkles walks past she is met with surprise attacks.  Snowflake goes inside the back of the recliner section of the sofa nearest to the TV.  I looked in at him by the reclining mechanism inside the back of the sofa section and hoped that he never hid there when someone was sitting there and planning to recline.

The maintenance people collected your balcony screen door today before I arrived, in fact they still had the key to your door.  They have to replace the wheels at the top of the screen that track along the groove at the top of the sliding doors.  They said that they will reinstall the screen tomorrow.
2007-04-06 19:10:48 GMT