How's My Kitty?
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LUCY,Entry for April 4, 2007
Lucy was right at the front door to greet me as i entered the condo - it is always such a pleasure to visit this sweet and friendly kitty! She let it be known that it was time for breakfast, so I wasted no time scooping out her dry food. She started eating before I even finished dolling out her food! She is so cute the way she lies down in front of the food bowl, her arms surrounding it! As she ate I cleaned the litter box and refreshed the water fountain. We played for a while with laser pointer which she loves! I also spent a lot of time brushing out her long coat - she loves this, rolling around and purring! After a while it was time for me to say goodbye until Friday! Technician Laney is taking over tomorrow to give Lucy her Spa treatment. Pedicure, Ear Cleaning, Foam bath! Lucy should be thrilled. lol.
2007-04-05 14:20:20 GMT