How's My Kitty?
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BAILEY & RUFUS, Entry for April 4, 2007
Upon entering, I didn't immediately see Bailry, but Rufus was lying on the couch, cautiously looking at me. I greeted Rufus and slowly approached him. I sat down on the couch a couple of feet from him and reached out unhurriedly to pet him. Rufus darted off the couch and went behind the chair. Oh well, he's a shy kitty! I went into the kitchen where Bailey was strolling around and meowing at me, waiting for his dinner.  I fed them their wet food (one side mixed with water for Bailey) and I thought he would dive into it, but he just sniffed it a bit and walked away. I figured that's probably his routine - save it for later. After cleaning the litter box, changing the water bowl and making sure the food server was ok, I checked on the fish. I noticed that the large fish, upon seeing me, went to the top of the tank and slapped the water a bit. So I gave him a little nibble of food to make him happy. After spending some time in the living room petting and playing a bit with Bailey (Rufus was in hiding), I had to say goodnight to these pretty kitties until tomorrow. Adieu!
2007-04-05 14:11:12 GMT