How's My Kitty?
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HALEY & MATSON, Entry for April 4, 2007
Both Haley and Matty are doing great.  When I came in the front door today I thought that I caught a glimpse of Haley streaking through the apartment to the bedroom.  I decided to try to keep her from going behind the refrigerator.  I put the Pottery Barn Bag at the front of the fridge between the wall and the fridge.  I proceeded to wash the plates and divide their food.  I put the food down and went into the living room to play with Haley I thought.  I heard a rustling by the Pottery Barn Bag and looked next to the refrigerator and saw a bigger kitty.  I realized that I was playing with Matty and Haley was ready to make her appearance.  I moved the bag and coaxed her out.  What a big fluffy kitty.  I knelt down and allowed her to sniff me and I gave her some scratchies under her chin and showed her the toy that I had introduced to Matty the day before.  Haley was intrigued by the toy and joined in with the play batting and stalking the toy taking time out once in a while to get petted.  They both stayed out the whole time I was there and on several occasions I caught Haley purring.  I was honored to have won Haley's trust.  What a great visit we had together!
2007-04-05 13:52:47 GMT