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Isis and Nami (AM and PM Visits) Entry for April 4, 2007
It was lovely to be able to see these two cuties this morning! I made sure to feed them right away, and they proceeded to take turns eating. I would sit on the stairs, and each kitty would take their turn being pet while one ate. Afterwards, we played with a toy mouse that Isis had discovered. Nami was a feisty one yet again today, and was more interested in playfully nipping at my hand then joining in with Isis on playing with the toy mouse.

For my evening visit, both Nami and Isis were pretty wound up. The funniest thing happened today! I was sitting beside Isis petting him, but I could see that he was eying Nami, who happened to be creeping up close by. All of a sudden, Isis darted up and ran towards Nami, who must have jumped a foot into the air! These two are so much fun! Unfortunately, this evening's visit was my last for these two, but I hope you had a great trip! Thank you for allowing me to spend time with such adorable kitties!
2007-04-05 05:59:17 GMT