How's My Kitty?
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JAKE, Entry for April 3, 2007
As usual Jake was at the door in his attempt to check out the hall.  The fact that he didn't accomplish his goal didn't dampen his enthusiasm.  We started out with some play at the sofa.  I introduced him to a new toy that I had with me.  It's called a cat dancer.  It is similar to the toy that he has, "the wire with a dragon fly at the end."  He took to it with great exuberance.  He is quite a jumper.  The toy gives the impression of a bug crawling on the carpet or flying in the air.  He tore around in circles in front of the sofa and leaped in the air trying to catch the little make-believe intruder.  I'm sure that he worked up quite and appetite from the exercise.  He also enjoyed getting some scratchies on the floor and on the sofa.  He is doing very well but I'm sure he is missing his Mom.
2007-04-04 18:32:36 GMT