How's My Kitty?
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BAILEY & RUFUS, Entry for April 3, 2007
( from Joe, subbing for LH) Upon entering the Baily and Rufus household I was greeted at the door by a very friendly kitty -sweet Baily! He let me pet him, unabashedly, right off the bat! After our introduction, I searched for Rufus and found him behind the lounge chair in the living room. Because of the darkness behind the chair and because of Rufus' color, all I could see were two beautiful eyes peering out at me. I said "hello" and that "it is very nice to meet you." Rufus blinked as if to say "it's nice to meet you too, but just let me be!" So I prepared their meals in the kitchen, where Bailey meowed and cooed the whole time, awaiting his wet food. I put the food down, he sniffed it a bit and walked away. Oh well, I figured he would get to it later, along with shy Rufus. At this point I checked on the fish where everything appeared to be fine. I changed the water bowl in the bathroom, cleaned the litter box and made sure the kitties had enough dry food. I also laid out some cat treats near the food bowl. I tried to play with Bailey, tossing around a toy mouse where he curiously watched it roll across the floor. Rufus was curious too - he came out from behind the chair just enough that I could see his whole head watching me toss the toy around. After a while it was time to say goodnight until tomorrow. Adieu!
2007-04-04 18:11:31 GMT