How's My Kitty?
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BAILEY & RUFUS, Entry for March 31, 2007
I had to laugh at myself because I did not immediately remember who Bailey & Rufus were when you wrote, as I think it's been since last summer and your trip to Malibu?? But as I got near the house I was like "Oh!! THESE GUYS!" haha. Which of course I was quite glad of as that little Bailey is such a sweetheart and Rufus - well... he's a character:)) Bailey greeted me as usual and was really glad for a couple treats asap. Rufus on the other hand was nowhere to be found - even though you closed the bedroom door, so I just had to think positive and know he was there somewhere. All there food was gone in the little kitchen bowl and Bailey waited for me to exit the kitchen to dig in. They'd finished up the bowl of kibble as well, so pulled those guys down in the feeder and they're in good shape now. So everything's fine here, and enjoy your trip!
2007-04-01 15:02:44 GMT