How's My Kitty?
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LUCY M. , Entry for March 30-31, 2007
This little sweetie is just a lover and the prettiest Snowshoe I've seen to boot. She's always right at the door and wants to be picked up asap and held. She rubs her little head against mine which is soooo sweet. Everything's going fine overall, but today I found she'd gotten into a bit of mischief and tore into her food bag overnight. It didn't make any sense at all because her bowl still had PLENTY of food in it so I couldn't not figure out what the attraction was with the bag. Anyway, got that all cleaned up and put the bag high up on the shelf this time.  I dragged the ball on the shoestring around for her again and she liked running up and down the hall. So all's well!
2007-04-01 14:47:13 GMT