How's My Kitty?
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MIKESCH & KOLA, Entry for March 30, 2007
( From Joe, subbing for Laurie today):

Both kitties ran out onto the porch as soon as I opened the door. I

haven't seen Kola & Mikesh in a few months so I was completely taken aback at how much they have grown! They look like different kitties! While they explored the porch area I vacuumed the back porch, as I knew they wouldn't want to be around for that noise. After vacuuming they came back to investigate. I noticed that as I was moving around the house, changing out the water & filling food bowls, they weren't quite as rambunctious as they used to be when they were much smaller. It's as if they were saying, "Hey, we're teenagers now & we don't need to act foolish. We're too cool for that!". After spending some time with them, petting and tossing a couple toys around, I wished these maturing kitties a goodnight, until tomorrow! JR
2007-04-01 14:32:59 GMT