How's My Kitty?
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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & GENNY, Entry for March 30-31, 2007
Everybody's hanging in there very well guys. I have to say that Meatball is my best friend right now. He just seems to love me - and follows me anywhere I go, running fast up the stairs and jumping on the bed to watch all the activity and hopefully get a couple pets inbetween chores. And he loves to be carried around and talked to. Yesterday Genny was nowhere to be found again but today was miraculous! She was actually walking around the livingroom in plain sight and upstairs she ate her lunch while I was cleaning the litter boxes - only a few feet away from her. I could not believe my eyes! She acted pretty nonchalant about it too. lol.  I didn't realize how pretty she was. So big strides there to be sure. Seghisio sat on the hall chair and just wants lots of pets everytime I pass by. She passed a pretty big hairball today, but seemed in good spirits nevertheless, and probably feels ALOT better. Everybody's taken off their scarves, even Genny now - so I'll let you deal with that when you get home:))
2007-04-01 14:27:32 GMT