How's My Kitty?
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GIZMO & WRIGLEY, Entry for March 30, 2007
As soon as I entered both Wrigley and Gizmo greeted me, very vocally, at the door. "Feed us, we're hungry!" I translated. So, without further ado, I prepared their diet of dry food and green beans. While they ate I took this opportunity to feed the fish their pellets, refresh the water and clean the litter box. After dinner, I left some treats for them on their food mats - I figured they would get to those later. Gizmo was a bit shy to let me pet him, but Wrigley loved the attention. He let me pet & cuddle him for quite some time. I looked for Gizmo & found him hanging out over by the couch in the corner. I called out for him but he wasn't having any of that! Oh, well. I figured he would come around after a while. I wished them both a goodnight until tomorrow. JR
2007-04-01 14:15:18 GMT