How's My Kitty?
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KATIE, MEG, SOPHIE & DAPHNE, Entry for March 30-31, 2007

Hello again! Well, I must say I am worn out! I don't know how you do it - but BLESS you and your efforts to save all these little angels.  Everything has gone very smoothly and I did manage to come up with a couple of tricks to make things a bit easier - like put Meg and Sophie in the bedroom and close the door, while I attend to Daphne. That way if she escapes I don't have to search for her under the bed etc. Katie is always amused by all the activity of me bustling around the house with food and meds etc. She sits on the couch watching intently with her little ears perked up. She hasn't been super keen on eating her wet food in the morning. She'll take a few bites and walk off - guess she's not starving. But eventually she'll finish it.  Meg has been very good with the meds and her eye only had alot of browish discharge in it on Friday.  FYI, I cut up the gauze in 4 small squares to conserve and it worked just fine - you might want to do that yourself. In washing out the fountain today, the little knob that adjusts the water flow came off and I could not figure out how to get it back on, so I left it on the sink for you as I know you've more practice with dismantling these things than me. Dee says she's been visiting, so I think everyone's had plenty of company - though they'll always want more to be sure. Well... have a great flight back and we'll speak soon! LH

2007-04-01 14:08:02 GMT