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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & JENNY! , Entry for March 29, 2007

Well it was a pretty funny visit today... After a few hours on the road, when I came in tonight I had to make a quick "pit stop" so to speak before anything else - WELL, next thing I know the whole gang runs in to join me! lol. Meatball, Pinhead AND Seghisio! They were so happy and excited I really had to laugh. After that we all refilled the food bowls which were down about 3/4 and refreshed all the litter boxes. Jenny decided to stay put under the bed today.. ah well:) The kids ran after balls from the kitchen, through the den and into the hall and Seghisio was content with just love and pets.

2007-03-30 14:46:28 GMT