How's My Kitty?
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KATIE, SOPHIE, MEG & DAPHNE!, PM VISIT, Entry for March 29, 2007

Hi there! Well I'm worn out... Just as I was getting to the end of the checklist which takes me about an hour or so - Daphne managed to escape from the bathroom and she was in no mood to return right away. She hid under the bed just inches from my hand. But then I pushed a box toward her and she moved under the desk. Fortunately she forgot her tail was showing and I was able to nab her and put her back in. Yea! Katie wasn't at all interested in her wet food tonight for the longest time - seems I'd "spread" it out too much for her tastes. But when I clumped it into a little mound, that was ok and she ate right up - that is..... after I brought her bowl over to the couch and held it for her! Sheesh! The things I do for the Queen. Meg needed a bit of coaxing too and I clumped it back up for her as well until she was done with the first round. At the end of the day, there was a pile of dishes of course - so put them in the wash and headed out. So all went pretty smoothly but I'm bushed!

2007-03-30 14:26:16 GMT