How's My Kitty?
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KATIE S. and gang, Entry for March 29, 2007

KATIE: Arrived to find Katie waiting patiently on her mat on the livingroom table. Then she headed straight to the kitchen awaiting the rest of her breakfast ( 1 Tb. Innova + vitamin, broken into quarters ) which she ate up right away then sat and stared at me waiting for more until she realized it was no use - and sauntered off. Now's she stretched out comfortably on the floor next to me, as I write this waiting for pets!

DAPHNE: Sweet little Daphne played a bit with the fishing rod - but I must admit I'm not much of a fisherman and had a bit of trouble with the "casting" lol. I picked her up and held her for a bit too and we looked out the window.

SOPHIE & MEG: Refreshed the water, litter and vacuumed up. Then we played on the bed with the leopard wand which Sophie went nuts for and was jumping WAY up in the air to catch it. Meg preferred running after the balls and other toys. Both got lots of cuddles and pets too.

KATIE PLAYTIME: I actually got Katie trotting after the yellow fly fish! It's great to see her getting some exercise! Meg and Sophie were watching excitely from their room through the plexiglass door.

Washed hands between all kitties and ALL IS WELL MOM!  Thanks for the checklists! They really help. And thanks for the Easy Morning:)) I'll be back later!! lh
2007-03-29 13:58:49 GMT