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NASCAR & MISS WINSTON, Entry for March 28, 2007
REVISED *** ( Sorry guys, was a bit sleepy at 5:30 this morning writing this blog. I have reversed the names correctly below and added a couple notes for clarity)  Miss Winston was Ms. Sociable - greeting me at the door. Surprisingly Nascar was not hiding in his cubby hole and was under the lounge chair watching the activity. I tried to make a pal of Nascar ( to butter him up before the ear drops) and set a couple small bits down next to him under the chair, with  treats - which he  seemed to appreciate and ate up right away... Miss Winston took a bite too - not to be left out.  Put Miss Winstons wet food (on the island) with additional dry, and mixed the vitamins into Nascar's dry food ( on the floor) as well.  After petting and playing a bit decided to put the ear drops in.  I was very gentle with him, but he definitely didn't appreciate it and disappeared afterward to avoid any possible further treatments:)) Ah well - I'm sure he'll have forgotten about it by morning: ) Cheers!
2007-03-29 12:05:56 GMT