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SEGHISIO, MEATBALL, PINHEAD & JENNY! Entry for March 27-28, 2007
Hi guys! Been a bit crazy getting ready for a busy week. Sorry for the delay! All the kids are doing great.  Yesterday everybody was sleeping when I arrived and there wasn't a soul in sight for awhile. But finally the twins came out and ran all around excitedly. The queen sat and spied me from under the table ( but allowed me to pet her :)) and Jenny stayed under the bed. Today however was a totally different story.  The twins were SO cute sitting side by side on the couch.  I wish I'd had my camera darn it! Seghisio was sitting by the chair in the hall. After I sat next to her for a while and had a chat, she decided to give in and rolled on her back and purred and purred. It was so nice to see her really comfortable. Meanwhile.... Jenny was sitting on the kitty condo watching the whole time!! I could not believe it was her! She was quite interested in everything - especially the twins running here and there for the balls. I did try to slowly walk over toward her but I came just too close and she bolted away.... sigh. Oh well - it was still a HUGE improvement just having her out and socializing somewhat. Everyone is staying out of mischief for the most part, eating well - but they have taken off their scarves. lol. Well there's the news for now!
2007-03-29 11:41:11 GMT