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MONET & SWEET MEAT, Entry for March 26, 2007

Well it was an interesting visit today. When I came in, Monet hurried to the door to meet me and was happy to get pets right away. I used my 2nd set to get in BTW as it was just easier to park in front. Then I set my briefcase down at the entry to the kitchen and went over to give Sweet Meat her usual portion and then began washing Monet's dish. Well..... at this point Monet started sniffing my briefcase - like alot of the cats do, so I didn't pay much attention to it.  But as I was mashing up the food on her plate I suddenly heard this blood-curdling angry kitty meow behind me! Seems she'd gotten hold of a scent she REALLY didn't like on the briefcase and decided that "I" was associated with it and needed to go. I must say, that is not the usual reaction.. So, I tried to sweetly calm her down and set out  her wet food, but it didn't do a darn bit of good. She'd made up her mind. So it was quite a hair-raising experience getting past her to clean the box and freshen her water! You would have laughed. So ---- tomorrow, I think I'll leave the breifcase in the car ( after I scrub it down of course! Perhaps "somebody" on the route today decided to leave their mark when I wasn't looking?) Anyway... I'm sure she'll forget about it overnight and will be back purring in my lap again. Ya learn something new everyday in kittyland.:))

2007-03-27 12:54:30 GMT