How's My Kitty?
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TODAY'S KITTIES, Entry for March 25, 2007
The following kitties were visited today and are doing just great!

doing fine but the little monkeys knocked over the white tray and broke it sometime between the time you left and I arrived! Sorry mom....

LLOYD & LOLA,  Lola was super friendly today and we all watched part of a movie together.

LADY, Mad for company as always, very playful with the scratching post and black strings I found in the closet.

PENNY & NIGEL, both came out to play with the laser light and we're quite happy

SNOWFLAKE & SPRINKLES, Both glad for company and food. Snowflake is no longer as shy as she's been in the past and wanted lots of pets.

ROSY & RITTER, Both were super friendly, Ritter liked rolling around on top of the scratching post

KATIE, Katie is doing fine and fiesty as usual. BTW - left you a note about not giving her anymore packets of the IAMS due to recall. 

MAX & NIKKI, doing fine but furr is collecting everywhere and will need to spend tidying up tomorrow. Also need more litter, food etc & will stop at market.

2007-03-26 16:01:07 GMT