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Tiger Lily and Baghera (Visit) Entry for March 16, 2007 AND ZOE, Entry for March 16, 2007

TIGER LILY & BAGHEERA: It was great to be able to visit Tiger Lily and Baghera again today. Of course, I found them napping right under the bed, as expected. Tiger Lily was surprisingly the first to sneak out, and went right over to me to be pet. The moment I started to pet her she purred! Baghera followed close behind, and when I started to pet him he instantly wanted his belly rubbed. Today I decided to pet them with the glove, which they both adored! We also played with the bear and the seagull. I would throw the seagull and Baghera would instantly chase after it, and then Tiger Lily would wait for me to throw the little bear, and then she would take off after it. These two are so adorable! I hope all is well for you!

ZOE: Zoe's doing just fine. She came right out to meet me and was definitely ready for lunch. She really grown quite a bit! but is just as sweet as always. After visiting for a bit though she suddenly disappeared and I could not find her for the life of me. Perhaps a little game of hide and seek? We'll see what she's up to tomorrow! Have not had time to do paperwork but will get that out to you when I have a sec. Hope all's well with you! LH

2007-03-17 15:33:13 GMT