How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI, AM-PM VISITS, Entry for March 15-16, 2007
Well the good news is that as a final last resort I tried Hydrogen peroxide on Max's kitty acne and LO and BEHOLD! it's actually working. Do you know those big bumps and oozing around all of his chin, neck, eyes and forehead have practically disappeared??!! after only 6 applications? I'm stunned and amazed.  If this keeps up, it will be an absolute miracle after all the darn Cortizone meds and ointments. Bad news is ( I forgot to tell you on the phone) that darn pompous head doorman has decided I can't park in the loading zone anymore because I stay too long - ALL the other doorman have been so nice and supportive - but since this guy's in charge they have to go with what he says. So, I'm really struggling with parking now... Hopefully I can find a solution. ...
2007-03-17 14:42:16 GMT