How's My Kitty?
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GRETCHEN, Entry for March 15-16, 2007
Hi there! Well the little Tiger is still up to her old tricks. She had plenty to say when I came in yesterday - like "Get the heck out of here!"  with a hiss, a growl and a swipe too boot. But at least she wasn't stalking me!  She seemed happy to have her bowl refreshed and I found the new Kitty Treats and tossed her a couple of those into the livingroom so I could clean her box in peace. haha.  Today when I came in I didn't see her anywhere and she was quiet as a mouse. I finally saw her sitting on the top of the couch giving me the evil eye:) Tried to get her to jump off and play with the feather  wand but her answer was Grrrrrrrr - even though she seemed to like watching it fly around. So I went about my usual chores and beat it before the little Tiger got too pissed off. haha. I had tried to get my downtown nanny to look after her - but she said she's too terrified of the little cherub. Me - I've got more of a sense of humor about ole Gretchen these days... I do try to make jokes when I visit to lighten the atmosphere, but Gretchen doesn't seem to appreciate my humor:)  You'd think we'd have come to SOME kind of detante after a year!! But - I guess Gretch is just set in her ways and a one owner girl. Well, hope you had a great trip and we'll talk soon! Cheers ! LH
2007-03-17 14:26:53 GMT