How's My Kitty?
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KATIE, Entry for March 16, 2007
Goodmorning! Went to visit little Katie today and I have to admit she wasn't exactly thrilled to see me. lol.  She reminds me a bit of Gretchen (*see above ) but without the "stalking" behavior.  Fortunately, I've learned over time not to take these things personally:)). Some cats just aren't that flexible with people other than their owners.  She'd eaten quite a bit so freshened the kibble and put out her packet of wet food. Freshed the fountain as well as she'd dropped little bits of kibble in it. I called and called and when on a search for her - only to find her crouched under the bed, and I was met with a sound Hsssssss!! Not unexpectely of 'course - but at least she knows she hasn't been abandoned and I try to talk to her a bit. We'll see how things progress!
2007-03-17 14:12:39 GMT