How's My Kitty?
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CHI CHI & IKE, Entry for March 15-16, 2007
Well today was the big "Treat" day and I split the can between them and both Chi Chi and Ike chowed down in delight right away. Both are always perched on the chairs looking out the window when I arrive and scamper out the door into the yard as soon as I open it. I put the little kitty bed back up on the chair and that's where Ike goes right away.  ChiChi will wander around and crouch under the table watching the action. Inside Ike runs all around - follows me up the stairs and then disappears - only to be rediscovered sitting on the bathroom sink on the 3rd floor waiting patiently for me to refill their water dish. It's very cute.
2007-03-17 14:05:55 GMT