How's My Kitty?
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FELINE & BIJOUX, Entry for March 15-16, 2007

Feline and Bijoux are doing well.  They are quite a pair. Sometimes I feel a little sorry for Bijoux because Feline likes to boss her around all the time - like when I set down the food and Bijoux walks over, Feline will his at her and tell her to stay away.  One funny thing - everyday I come there all all kinds of toys in their bowls and water dishes - particularly the black string! There has been a bit of vomiting in the bedroom and I've tried to keep up with that - unfortunately Feline will not take the gel from my hand. Where are your cleaning supplies by the way? For the life of me I cannot find any but the dishwashing liquid - so I had to use that.  Bijoux will come and sit with me on the couch and even play with the wands a bit while "grumpy puss" Feline sits at a distance and watches. lol. I think your mom visited yesterday which I'm sure was nice for them. Well, enjoy your last day!!!

2007-03-17 13:59:17 GMT