How's My Kitty?
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BEANIE & WOOKIE, ( AM - PM VISITS), Entry for March 16, 2007

Arrived yesterday morning to find Beanie and Wookie still in good spirits. Your mom had left me a note that she'd been unable to give Beanie his pill in the morning before she left, so I took care of that right away. I find him a snap to give a pill by mouth too. They had their breakfast and afterward I combed the matts out that had accumulated on their necks while I was gone. It's wasn't too bad and they're all fluffy again. Both are very loving and sweet and stick to me like glue wherever I go. Not sure if your mom told you this, but Beanie has been vomiting here and there quite a bit. You are probably aware of this - hence the medication but just want to let you know this is continuing. Otherwise their attitudes are very good. Cheers!

2007-03-17 13:47:50 GMT