How's My Kitty?
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Tiger Lily and Baghera (Visit) Entry for March 13, 2007
Tiger Lily and Baghera were hiding away under the bed again today when I arrived. I was worried that they were going to be shy for awhile today, but Baghera came out right away once she saw me! He jumped right up on the bed and stretched out onto his back to happily receive his belly rub! Tiger Lily was a bit more shy, but eventually came out and the two kitties ended up on each sides of me on the couch, purring away as I pet them. I cannot get over how gorgeous Tiger Lily's eyes are! When I went to go look after the food and litter, I found that the two must have had a crazy little party with their food, because they managed to knock over their dry food holder. Don't worry though, it is all cleaned up and the kitties food is now good to go! I hope you are having a great trip! Cheers!
2007-03-14 03:10:47 GMT