How's My Kitty?
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FELINE & BIJOUX, Entry for March 11-12, 2007
Hi there! Well, first thing I'd like to discuss is that Feline appears to have some kind of irritation in her left ear. I've been watching her for two days now and she's shaking her head fairly regularly and scratching a bit.  She appears to be otherwise in good health, with a good attitude. Please let me know if she was doing this before you left and if you would like her to go into the vet to have this checked.  If your mom's in the area, perhaps she might have an easier time getting Feline into the carrier - as she remains pretty shy/ grumpy with me - although she doesn't hide and will play a bit with the wands. Bijoux is being very good, and is not grumpy at all - just quiet and sweet.  Anyway, hope to hear your thoughts on Feline today! Thanks
2007-03-13 15:02:18 GMT