How's My Kitty?
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DENNY, Entry for March 5, 2007
Sorry for the delay!! The little angel seems to be doing fine. His little eye was a bit crusty today though, so I washed his face. As always, he was very good and patient with me.  He  was very thirsty  today (Monday) and could not even wait for me to put his water dish down on the floor. He jumped up on the sink and drank about 1/2 the bowl non-stop. So... I think Denny

prefers fresh water everyday or he won't drink as much. If you're in touch with your houseguest, I'd tell her to fill his bowl with fresh everyday. He

probably wouldn't even mind a couple ice cubes:) We snuggled on the

couch for the longest time and chased a few toys around, as well as he blue feather wand which he now seems to prefer more than the feather -!  then we went down and emptied the litter box together. He's the BEST supervisor. lol. Well.. until next time!
2007-03-07 12:06:52 GMT